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About Me

Ambika Bosna is an Italian holistic practitioner with experience in meditation, martial arts, reiki and yoga.

She has a diverse background that includes being an "Akklay" woman of the Sacred Path of Healing through Love and Touch of the Quechua tradition of the Peruvian Andes.

She is being initiated as a Rhiannon priestess, the Goddess of Love.

She studied at the "Tantric Journey School of Enlightenment and Awakening" in London, and became a Tantra therapist.

Her whole life has been a natural process that eventually took her to a more profound knowledge of the healing power of touch and energy.

As an instructor at the Universal Healing Tao, her main interest is in studying and teaching powerful Taoist energy-longevity practices and awakening people to empower their lives through the mastery of personal health, wellness, sexual vitality and sacred love.


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Ambika lives and works in Glastonbury, in the UK and is a Tao educator.

She offers one-to-one Tao-Tantric emotional detox bodywork.

She works with women and men, teaching them how to empower their lives by transforming the primal essence found in the "Jing", the sexual energy, increasing longevity and creativity, and intensifying the ability for bliss using your Orgasmic energy.
Her teaching of the "Healing Love" techniques is focused primarily on solo practices and doesn't involve nudity.

She offers one-to-one sessions of the powerful massage of the internal organs, the ancient Taoist practice used to clear blocked energy and strengthen the immune system and disease resistance.

This work is one of the most intimate and natural ways of experiencing yourself viscerally and emotionally, leading to a profound connection with your body-mind and higher self.
In her sessions, she integrates the Taoist Astral healing, which channels pure cosmic CHI for healing, detoxifying and rejuvenating the body.

She teaches online the "Tao Bliss Qigong", a coaching self-care programme designed to learn the foundation of the Universal Healing Tao practices which is a requisite for the more advanced Healing Love practices.

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