Pizzica Dance

  Classes in Glastonbury

  and in South London

   every month beginning   on January 2020

Join us and learn  "Pizzica", the trance dance from southern Italy played to heal the "Tarantate", women who worked the fields for tobacco harvest who were bitten by a spider “the tarantola”, and  driven crazy. 

For centuries, the rite of the tarantula was the only cure for those 'possessed' by the mythical Black Widow spider poisonous bite, from which only a relentless dance was able to heal. 
Taranta marks the origin of many of the modern therapeutic dances and healing music that are used for releasing emotions and grounding the body and the mind.


       Tantric Journey and Emotional Detox Introductory Talks

The Introductory talks are designed to introduce the essence of Tantra, its spiritual practices and its applications for everyday life.

You will learn how important is giving and receiving heart-open, conscious touch.

These talks are for couples, individuals and practitioners 
who want to learn how through Tantric Bodywork you can release blockages stuck in the body, that prevent you to live a joyful life. 

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Ambika Alessandra Bosna

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