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24 - 25 June 10.30 am to 4,30 pm
 Room - The Courtyard, 2-4 High Street, Glastonbury BA6 9DU

Would you like to start a self-love journey, connecting with your body, and empowering yourself using your sexual energy?  

Then I'm happy to see you here!

Here is what you can get from this workshop:


* Eliminate premenstrual symptoms, such as depression, irritability and heavy, painful menstruation,               naturally, without any medication.


* Sail through menopause without symptoms and with joy at being done with menstruation and passing into  the next phase of your life. 


* Enhance sexual pleasure, become more attractive, and reverse the ageing process.

The Taoist practices are simple yet very effective in strengthening your sexual region, which is essential to maintain the whole body in good health physically, emotionally and spiritually.


You will strengthen your immune system by combining sexual energy with the love and joy of your heart centre, a particularly potent force for health and healing.


The sequence of Chi Kung for women's daily practice consists of non-sexual techniques that will balance and rejuvenate your body and internal organs and increase the production of Ching Chi (sexual energy).

Let's get real!


The Female Healing workshop is about learning a 10-minute to half-hour daily practice that produces immediate results and a deep transformation, such as:


* Enhance your sexuality

* Feel more energised and vibrant 

* Have pain-free periods

* Have your vitality increased and less stress  

* Improve your relationships

* Sail your premenopause and menopause symptoms free 

* Feel happier, calm and relaxed  


Here is what you will learn:

  • Cultivate ovarian power through the healing love techniques of Ovarian Breathing, Ovarian and Vaginal Compression, and Power Lock exercises.

  • Practice the Sexual Energy Massage, which alleviates the problems associated with menstruation and prevents or dissolves lumps from forming within the breasts. 

  • The Egg Exercises increase the strength and sensitivity of the lower abdomen and develop conscious control over sexuality for better sex and to heal and rejuvenate your body.


Please apply early to reserve your place. Only limited places are available. Cost: £180

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