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qigong meditation

Empower Yourself:
Embark on a Journey of
Self-Discovery and Wellness

For those ready to take charge of their wellness and find emotional balance and well-being, learn the tools to respond to life's events with balance and resilience.
Let Ambika guide you every step of the way toward wellness and self-empowerment. With a compassionate approach and deep understanding of the human experience, Ambika's life's journey has been a captivating exploration of meditation, martial arts, and yoga since her twenties. She spent over 13 years living in an ashram, deepening her understanding of her soul's longing for a spiritual life. Ambika's life's purpose revolves around evolving as a spiritual being and helping others overcome mental, physical, and emotional obstacles. She is committed to guiding individuals on a transformative path toward liberation, healing, and inner peace.


“Working with Ambika has changed my life.
In a matter of weeks I'm feeling more confident and empowered. Ambika as a teacher is absolutely wonderful. It's been monumental in my life.
I would recommend working with Ambika to every woman"

Catherine A., Glastonbury

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