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25th-26th of March
10.30 am to 4,30 pm
Avalon Room
The Courtyard, 2-4 High St, Glastonbury BA6 9DU

Iron Shirt is a form of Chi Kung that involves the mind, Chi power and breathing exercises that energise the body.

It is designed to build large amounts of chi around the organs protecting them from disease and injury.

In ancient times Iron Shirt was one of the most secret practices giving its practitioners the ability to withstand knives, swords and sticks, even bows and arrows were said to bounce off a high-level Iron Shirt Master.

In today's society, Iron Shirt's main purpose is to give its practitioners, superhuman strength and super health.


Iron Shirt Chi Kung is a must for:​​

  • preventing and treating many of the chronic diseases that plague today's society

  • is ideal for living long while maintaining both health and strength into old age

  • detoxify the body, stimulate energy flow, and draw energy from the outside, aligning the body with the forces of heaven and earth

  • strengthen the internal organs by packing concentrated air into the connective tissues (the fasciae) surrounding and protecting the vital organs

  •  become rooted to the earth, keeping the body centred and balanced

  • clean out toxins, waste material, and sediment in the organs 

  • condense and squeeze the excess fat, transforming it into energy and allowing one to lose weight

  • reabsorb the chi life force into the bones, which can be transformed into the bone marrow to strengthen the bone structure

  • develop a highly refined spiritual awareness, allowing one to reach higher levels of spirituality

  • stay grounded and keep healthy and vibrant bodies, minds and spirits.

Whether you’re a novice practitioner or more advanced, this workshop is an amazing opportunity to learn a powerful ancient practice that you can apply in your modern life.

Please apply early to reserve your place. Only limited places are available. Cost: £180

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