My Approach

I’ve been studying and learning the healing power of sexual energy for over a decade. In the beginning, like many who has raised in a western country, I was a bit concerned about the moral prejudices taught by society.

Since I realised the healing and transformational power of sexual energy, my mission is to help people become aware of and learn how to utilise it to keep our body young and healthy and live happy and harmonious relationships.
Learning to circulate sexual energy is the way to achieve ultimate self-realisation, a birthright and includes wealth and fulfilment of all your soul desires - not your ego desires.
Love can indeed heal us or destroy us if used in the wrong way. Such is its power. It is up to us to choose what we want to make of this energy.
Far away from the western world, where we see sex with fear and morality, Eastern traditions see sexuality as a sacred act and a healthy way of living.
The ancient Yogi of India and the Chinese Taoist masters discovered a long time ago how vital sexual energy could be, not only for long-term health and for body rejuvenation, but to live an overall fulfilled life.
Sex is the most creative energy that exists, and it aims to harmonise the circulation of the Yin/Yang energies.
When the feminine energy and the masculine energy are balanced, we can create harmony and peace within and spread it all around us.

Contact Me

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Ambika Alessandra Bosna

Glastonbury - UK