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Ambika has been studying and learning the healing power of sexual energy for over a decade.

Far away from the western world, where sex is seen with fear and morality, Eastern traditions see sexuality as a sacred act and a healthy way of living.

Both Tantra and Taoism teach how to master the sexual energy to keep the body young and healthy and live happy and harmonious relationships.

Her desire to help people to enhance their lives has led her to study with the most outstanding teachers, such as Mantak Chia and H. H. Mamani.

She teaches Qigong to revitalise internal organs and sexuality, conscious sacred love for women and couples, and guided wellness meditations for the mind, body and longevity.

Her work integrates simple but effective techniques designed to help people master their health, empower their lives and increase their sexual vitality.

She teaches people to take responsibility for their wellness, which means the ability to respond to whatever happens in their lives in a way that will keep them balanced and not overwhelmed by life events.

Her work integrates straightforward practices that don’t require a long time and are essential to balance the spirit, mind, and body and achieve an overall enhancement in every aspect of life.

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