Body Work Sessions


If you are on a path of liberation from sexual inhibitions or if you are seeking for liberty from self-judgements, your childhood conditioning and the opinions of others, then I can help you to find your own path of freedom.

I can help with deep emotional detox bodywork and tantric journey sessions, both for individuals and couples.

I hold workshops  to become free, sexually, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

These trasformational retreats are based on Tantric Touch, Therapeutic Dance, Music, and these take place in energetic hot spots.

Tantric Journey

Tantric Journey is a blend of sacred sexuality, bodywork, modern psychology, eastern philosophy and pioneering modern techniques. Through these sessions you can have increased energy and stamina and most of all you can get rid of traumas and negative emotions that are stuck in the cellular memory and prevent you to step forward in your spiritual and physical healing.

Tantric Journey is an holistic massage that leads you to a state of light trance, this may evoke unpleasant past memories and / or emotions that have been buried for decades. 

The purpose of the treatment  is to fully feel and release such negative imprints from the pelvic basin and to enhance love, intimacy and sexuality.


Please contact me for a free consultation, I'll be happy to hear from you and give you further  informations about my work.

Emotional Detox

Emotional Detox is a profound bodywork healing that allows you to release old emotions and traumas stuck in the body.

When we have emotions stuck inside, it often feels like we are carrying a heavyweight around. By applying pressure to certain points on the body, people can experience release and undergo full body orgasm.

Emotional Detox is a holistic massage, it is performed in clothes, and it doesn't include genitalia.

Through Emotional Detox bodywork sessions, you will have become soon ready to start a new life, free from traumas and emotions that are buried in the cellular memories for ages





The environment where we have grown up, our family, and our social conditioning have contributed to forming the person we have become.
We live a planetary shift that can be lived as a stressful time or as a time of great opportunities.

It depends on your attitude to life.
In my One to One coaching session, I teach to flow with the great laws of the Universe, which are not a secret anymore.
Anyone can choose to step into the core of their being.
Our body is made up of molecules, all interacting together and around since the beginning of time.

By practising meditation and other techniques, you can reconnect to the atoms of your body, which is pure awareness.
It is easy to feel overwhelmed by fear and uncertainty in this challenging time.

Like Taoism and Yoga, the ancient eastern traditions teach us that we can transform our negative emotions, such as fear, traumas, worry, anxiety, grief, anger and recycle them with love, joy, compassion, enthusiasm, creativity.
Emotions are linked with our mental and physical health because they are stored in our internal and sensory organs.
By learning the proper procedures, you can transform your life and become responsible for everything you experience.

Responsibility means the ability to respond to life events.

If you are ready to live the present fully, by transforming your consciousness, my work is for you.

You can learn how to access your full potential and eventually find your destiny path.
Get in touch with me to start your coaching programme.


Healing Love