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Ambika is an incredibly knowledgeable practitioner and creates a rich nurturing and safe
space to explore what is held in the body. She really is amazing at what she does and i have
never been able to let go this much in any session of bodywork I have ever had

Michelle UK

I'I felt as if a weight had lifted but old emotions were coming to the surface (loneliness etc)
which i then had to process.

Lloyd UK

Ambika is a very powerful, graceful woman . She consciously held the space for me , where
I had the chance to let go of sexual trauma from the past. I felt very safe and was
comfortably vunerable . Will be recommending to friends as has realsesed so much internal
emotional pain and trauma .

Roxanne UK

Ambika is a kind and caring practioner. Her understanding of the whole experience is
reassuring if you haven't received Emotional Dettox therapy before

Susie UK

Ambika is a real healer and a thorough professional. Writer, Street, Somerset, anon

Ambika’s bodywork session was unlike any other. Initially Her compassionate and really
sweet gentleness opened me to the energy of love. Her confidence, strength and
capabilities as well as stamina ensured a Really good treatment. Would definitely
recommend this. 

Sarah UK

I felt that the space was sacred and very genuine and authentically a healing divine space 

Hellen UK

Ambika is a great practitioner with lots of knowledge, practical and comunication skills. I
reccomend her as therapist for a future time to anyone who needs care and healing process

Roberto Italy

Ambika is full of love and compassion and her bodywork skills are superb.

Rob UK

Ambika has such a positive and wonderful presence. I feel like she radiates joy and it brings
out my innocence and laughter. Her skill is very good quality and I feel safe with her. She
holds a wisdom and depth that relaxes me and invites me to surrender. In our session i
accessed very deep places and released a lot of deep tension and anger. I have not been
able to shout like that for a while! I noticed I was able to growl and express my anger more in
next few days and that felt good.

Raisa UK

Ambika's touch is gentle, profound, and loving. I have no hesitation in recommending her as
a Tantric massage practitioner.

Linnea Canada

My session with Ambika was incredible! It was the perfect mix of deep work and relaxation.

I left feeling on top of the world. I would highly recommend a session with Ambika to anyone.

Luke UK

My session with Ambika was very good in a caring and concise manner, and I was confident
to be left in her capable hands. Providing a much needed massage in a way that I had not
experienced before.

Jason UK

I had a great session with Ambika. Her bodywork was very thorough and nurturing. She was
able to intuitively sense areas that needed extra care. In my case this was my perenium and
groin area. She released a lot of tension and stagnant energies in this area which was very
healing for my root charka. Ambika integrity and presence remained throughout the session.
I had emotional processes during the session, so overall it was a positive and valuable
experience as it healed me physically and emotionally.

Lewis UK

I had a great tantra massage session from Ambika. She really responded to my needs and is
one of the few therapists who has given me exactly the deep kind of pressure I like. She was
able to hold a high level of presence in a natural and loving way. The yoni massage was
very skilful, more tantric and in tune than any man has managed to give. I feel gratitude as I
had some emotional release during the yoni massage, which felt profound.

Mariel Sweden

Ambika is super clever, attentive, present and knows intuitively where to go - i felt that she
really enjoys giving this treatment even though i have a horrible skin condition it did'nt seem
to affect her - Anonymous - Finance - London

Ambika is clearly a very experienced and multi-faceted practioner. She is patient, thorough
and dedicated and took extra time recognising what was needed without clock watching,
putting my needs above her own. This was an incredibly healing session. I released some
deep and traumatic emotions and felt relief, light and joy. I have not suffered from the same
fatigue that I often do after a treatment. Ambika allowed me plenty of scope to express my needs and is incredibly generous with her love and skill.

Marc UK

I have been treated by Ambika Bosna who I found to be trustworthy and professional. She
has a natural empathy and good communication and listening skills. Her approach is deeply
intuitive and I would highly recommend a treatment with her.

Tara UK

To make long story short..I had no expectations before the session. If I had any Ambika
would exceed all of them!

Yurig London

II found Ambika to be a very safe and strong woman, she guided me through the treatment
with care and consideration. Overall I felt supported to go into vulnerability, at same point
throughout the whole process I experienced a whole range of emotions, some of them have
been stuck in me for 30 odd years. She gave no other impression than that of a lovely
compassionate woman and a lovely compassionate practitioner. I would most certainly
return to her for more of the same. Thanks you Ambika.

Chris UK

I had a very lovely session with Ambika. She is relaxed and natural, caring and confident in
her work. At all times I felt at ease and we connected quite nicely. I felt her love and gentle

care, and felt very nourished at the end. Overall it was a beautiful experience.

massage therapist.

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