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"Real People, Real Stories: Video Testimonial"

"Transformative Journey: Feminine Inner Alchemy Success Story"

Dear Ambika,


I just had some time to prepare before today's session, and thought I'd write down a few reflections.

Transformed Health:

The main thing I'm learning is that using the inner smile meditation and six healing sounds regularly has transformed my health. Despite a busy and stressful job, incorporating these meditations before or after work has allowed me to process stress effectively, resulting in quicker recovery times on weekends. The stress isn't accumulating, and I can enjoy life more.

Efficient Trauma Processing:

Using the meditations has enabled me to process past trauma effectively and efficiently, without having to spend hours writing/talking about traumas. The ability to clean and clear trauma from my organs has been a game-changer.

Health Improvements:

  • No more hot flushes that I used to experience regularly.

  • Weight loss and increased flexibility due to qi gong exercises.


Connection with Energy:

I'm really enjoying waking up to do the meditations at sunrise and doing the inner smile/six healing sounds at night in the moonlight. This process has changed how I view energy work. It feels empowering to work on my own body and positively influence my health, leading to a calmer and more present approach with my clients.

Exploring Energy Flow:

I'm feeling more familiar with the microcosmic orbit, and starting to feel the ovarian energy. It is very strange to start to feel the energy moving in the body.


Lots to learn.

Thank you for teaching me this magic.


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