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Chi Nei Tsang the secret of rejuvenation and longevity

Chi Nei Tsang is a 5,000 year Taoist Qi Gong-Internal body balancing and harmonizing healing art consisting of the massage of vital organs.

The Taoist sages understood that keeping their organs free of emotional and environmental tensions and toxins and maintaining a smooth flow of Chi in the body was the secret to good health and long life.

Transforming the Chi of the internal organs is possible to recycle negative energies by clearing out toxins, bad emotions, and excessive heat or heat deficiencies that cause the organs to malfunction.

Many factors can cause these obstructions. Fear, anger, anxiety, and worry are the leading causes. But also stress, overwork, accidents, surgery, drugs, toxins, poor food and bad posture can obstruct the centre of the body's vital functions and constrict the flow of life force energy.

In its simplest form, Chi Nei Tsang is applied to the belly and the inner organs, the spleen, pancreas, liver, lungs, kidneys, and heart.

More advanced practices include Chasing the Winds, the Chi Nei Tsang technique to expel sick gas out of the body. Tok Sen, which involves the use of wooden tools and Karsai, which is the therapeutic massage of the sexual organs

Chi Nei Tsang has a massive effect on releasing energetic blockages and creating a connection with the body, mind and spirit.

All of the body's energy meridians run through the abdominal area. Thus the techniques of Chi Nei Tsang can positively affect the energies of the whole body.

A regular session of Chi Nei Tsang treatments can help relieve energy stagnation, detoxify the body, and rejuvenate the vital organs surrounding the navel, which is considered the primary energy centre of the body.

The massage of internal organs stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems, strengthening the immune system and disease resistance.

People who have had regular CNT massage for months feel relaxed and lighter as an enormous load has been lifted.

The massage of the reproductive organs can be very beneficial if applied to men and women who have problems in their reproductive organs.

By using CNT on the reproductive organs, the organs can open up again and return to a healthy, reproductive environment.

Women who had blocked tubes, endometriosis clots, or stress in the body causing infertility have become pregnant through this powerful treatment.

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