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Being multiorgasmic, what all men should know

In eastern countries, sexuality is a vital act, and it is crucial for our health and wellbeing. In fact, for them, sex is about health, not moralism.

The ancient Taoists, who were proto sexologists, had understood that Ching (the sexual energy) is the most potent energy available for us that can be used to enhance all aspects of life and to keep the body and mind healthy.

Spiritual growth, physical health, and emotional intimacy are all critical for a fulfilling, lasting relationship, and sexual energy can be used to cultivate all these aspects of our life.

Body and spirits are linked together, and we need to find this union to live an intimate, happy relationship.

Unfortunately, in the western culture, there is still so much shame about sex; this is due to the religions that teach us to live sex with fear and moralism.

An imbalance of sexual energy causes men's rage against women that eventually lead to femicide, which sadly is so prevalent in western countries.

Sexual harmony is essential for marital satisfaction. If there are problems in the bedroom, the whole relationship suffers.

A significant part of overcoming the shame that restricts our sexuality is learning that it is natural to discover our sexual body wisdom.

Men and women won't create harmonious relations unless they learn the differences between male and female polarities.

Women's sexual arousal is different from men's because male and female energies are different. They need to be harmonized so that different sexual rhythms and desires can be balanced and you can have a deeply satisfying love life.

Arousal is vital for our health, and we need to feel aroused every day because when we are aroused, our body produces more sexual hormones, which are essential for our overall health. Indeed some may call them the very fountain of youth.

Becoming multi-orgasmic is particularly important for men, and it implies refraining from ejaculating, which is the leading cause of energy depletion.

The Taoists considered one drop of semen equal in vital power to one hundred drops of blood. The Hindu masters referred to Amrita, the elixir of life, a rejuvenation substance produced during prolonged sexual activity without ejaculation.

It is scientifically demonstrated that men can have many orgasms if they don't ejaculate, which is merely a reflex happening at the base of the spine or just a muscle spasm.

Until they get to puberty, males don't release seed; for this reason, they can have multiple orgasms. They lose their ability to be multi-orgasmic when they start to ejaculate, which happens just after orgasm; that's why men relate ejaculation with orgasm.

Learning Sexual Kung Fu allows men to retain the bodily secretion, which is a source of incomparable energy when stored and recirculated into higher vital centers.

Stopping ejaculating thus doesn't mean stopping orgasm. The practice of Sexual Kung Fu teaches a far superior type of orgasm repeated over long periods of lovemaking. The intensity is so great that it can lead to a spiritual awakening.

Extraordinary powers, including healing and clairvoyance, may evolve when retaining semen and driving it back into the body.

When couples practice Healing Love, a revolution occur in their lives. They generate significant electromagnetic energy quantities, with tremendous benefits to one's body and spirit.

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