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About Me

I met my guru, Herakhan Babaji, at the age of 28 and since then my life changed.

I left everything behind, I decided to commit my life to Babaji.

I went to live in the ashram, which has been my school of life for over 13 years.
I had become very interested in enhancing my Shakti - the feminine power, and eventually I met Hernan Huarache Mamani, who again, as Babaji did many years earlier,  literally changed my life.
Mamani introduced me to "Akklay", the path of awakened women of the Quechua tradition of the Peruvian Andes and to the sacred path of healing through love and touch.

Later I decided to become a Tantric therapist and  I studied at "Tantric Journey School of Enlightenment and Awakening.

The feminine path of self care and love, beauty and sacred sexuality lead me to listen  to the Rhiannon call. 

I began the Rhiannon path which embraces the ways of women who honour life, the Goddess, the land and the sacred core essence in women, as well as in men.

I honor the Goddess of Love, whose essence reflects the spirit of peace and Freedom.


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For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Ambika Alessandra Bosna

Glastonbury - UK