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How would you live your life differently knowing you had access to immense health and energy levels?


How much more would you be able to do with your life?

Do you know that you can master your health, empower your life, increase your sexual vitality, and experience the deep and lasting rewards of conscious intimacy?


The ancient Taoist practices that have been secretive for many years are now available and can lead you to a fulfilled life and your soul longing for its unique path.

Are you ready to take the leap and transform your life?


The truth is that sexual energy is the essence of what compels us to live vibrant and fruitful lives.

Differently from Western culture where we have been taught that sexual desire is guilty, in the Eastern tradition sexual energy, or Jing chi, is considered part of their life energy and a potent part of human experience.


Sexual energy is our desire, our passion!


It is the fact that sexual energy is so powerful that it has prompted most major religions to control and restrict sexual behaviour, especially the behaviour of women.


Reestablishing our connection with our desire is part of recovering our power.


"I felt that the space was sacred and very genuine and authentically a healing divine space" 

Hellen UK



I love helping women of all ages by sharing the Taoist thousands of years old wisdom about how to live in our bodies as sexual beings and to use our passion to become the women we want to be.


Taoism has a lot to offer our modern world of its empowering and revolutionary approach to sex.


The Taoists see sexual energy as the most powerful source of our overall vital energy, or chi, responsible for our health and longevity.


Working with your own energy is fun and simple; you don’t have to wait ages to enjoy the fruits of your work.


Women who understand the nature of sexual energy can start to benefit from their gifts and have significant positive changes within a few weeks of practice!


Are you ready to transform your life?

I can curate a personalised programme for you.



Sometimes it’s okay to ask for help.

No matter what your personal situation is, I’ll meet you where you are at.

According to your needs, I will help you reconnect with your body, emotions, and spirituality.

Only limited spaces are available, plan your programme now.

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"Ambika is a very powerful, graceful woman. She consciously held the space for me, where I had the chance to let go of sexual trauma from the past. I felt very safe and was comfortably vulnerable.

Will be recommending it to friends as has released so much internal emotional pain and trauma".

Roxanne UK

Do you know that you can transform negative energies by clearing out toxins and bad emotions by working with the vital organs?



Activate and open the body channels and energy lines to release the sick energy and winds.
The massage of internal organs can detoxify and stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems, strengthening the immune system and disease resistance.


I provide my services at two locations: Glastonbury, specifically at the "Goddess House," and in London, where I am available on Thursdays and Fridays at "The Light Centre" in Marylebone and Belgravia.

Do you need to boost your energy levels?


Join the TAOBLISS community for a daily and/or weekly practice and nourish your body, mind and spirit.
Learn to circulate the Chi in the body and feel immediately energised and anew. 
Practicing together regularly is the way out of suffering. Daily morning routine, weekly qigong, life changing Taoist meditations and monthly master classes keep you centered and are the way to make powerful changes happen.

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